Janie (left) and Maxine (right)

Welcome to Janie & Max! I’m Lara by the way. See those two pretty ladies over there to the left? Those are my grandmothers, Janie (left) and Maxine (right), back in the day.

Growing up, I remember them both being amazing crafters, cooks, and bakers. On top of all that, they loved to play cards together and spend time with us grandkids. They both were great influences and creative inspirations in my life, and I aim to make them and my parents proud every day. Their love and inspiration is a big reason why I chose the name that I did.

Janie & Max, the brand, came about when I was looking for a new hobby. I was burnt out on sewing (masks) – thanks COVID-19. Just around the time I was searching, Emylee Williams (@emyleesays) hosted a free virtual clay earrings workshop at the start of the 2020 pandemic. After that, I was so inspired and so hooked on working with clay!

Hi there! I’m Lara – Carolina girl, former teacher of littles, military spouse, and momma to two little boys and our two cats. I’m also the designer and maker behind Janie & Max!

I love animals, the outdoors (except those pesky mosquitos), burgers, baking, and weightlifting. And I love to make things! Graphic design is something I’ve been interested in since middle school, and I’ve played with it and learned all the things about it in my 34 years. Polymer clay is a fairly new interest of mine, but one that I love, just the same. 

My little family is currently calling the beautiful PNW (Washington state) home, though we’ve also lived and loved in Florida, Tennessee, and Hawaii throughout my husband’s Navy career!

My hope through Janie & Max is to provide small businesses with a brand that helps them toward achieving their dreams. To teach, inspire, and build a community that offers acceptance, love, and kindness, always. My dream for this brand is just beginning, and I would love it if you’d join me on the journey! Down below, you can subscribe to the newsletter so you’ll never miss a beat. Thanks so much for stopping by – I am overjoyed that you found my little corner of the internet!