How to Secure Your Clay Earring Posts

In the clay making community, I see a lot of makers asking “how do I keep my posts on my earrings?” or “what glue do you use for your earring posts?” Or they’ll say, “I used E6000 or super glue and my posts popped right off! Hellllppp!?”

When I first started making clay earrings, just experimenting for myself, I too used E6000 glue, and I actually lost a few earrings because the backs popped off while I was wearing the earrings! So sad, and so frustrating! I searched for a better solution, and I found it!

The best, and in my opinion, the most efficient, way to keep posts secure on the backs of your clay earring pieces is with Sculpey Bake and Bond! Bake and Bond is a liquid clay adhesive, so it must be baked to cure properly. Some makers choose to bake their clay pieces first, attach their posts with Bake and Bond, then bake a second time, but I find that to take too long for my liking.


Here are the steps I follow when I am adhering posts to my earrings:

  1. After the clay has been conditioned and mixed and the pieces have been cut out, I place them face down on a white piece of cardstock, which will sit on a cookie sheet or tile during baking – you don’t want any possibility of color transferring from the paper, so stick with white here.
  2. Next, I add a small dab of Bake and Bond on the back of each piece and gently place an earring stud in the dab of Bake and Bond – the clay is still raw, so pressing too hard could misshapen your clay.
  3. After you have put an earring post on each piece of clay that needs a stud, swirl a little more Bake and Bond on the back of the piece, and be sure to cover the back of the earring post too.
  4. Spread the Bake and Bond with whatever tool you have that will do that well – I personally use these adorable cactus food picks! You want the Bake and Bond to go right up to the edge of the flat surface of the back of the piece, but not over the edge.
  5. Keeping the clay pieces face down on the white cardstock, bake at 275ºF for one hour for Sculpey clay. If you are using a different brand of clay, check the packaging for baking temps and times.

Products I used in the making of this tutorial:

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and happy making! 

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